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Integration: Embeddable Form

This form allows people to sign up to become an ambassador and track referral form signups for the provided campaign. Once Ambassador processes the form, we forward the user to a page you designate (such as a thank-you page or a Salesforce Web-to-Lead URL) along with all of the form's POST data.

The example code is pre-filled with campaign information for you, but you may want to customize the fields and their respective values.


Required Fields:

  • mbsy_username
  • mbsy_campaign_uid
  • email
mbsy_usernameYour company's username
mbsy_campaign_uidYour campaign's ID
emailYour customer's email address
mbsy_short_codeReferrer's "mbsy" shortcode
revenueRevenue amount of the event
mbsy_transaction_uidUnique transaction ID from the event
mbsy_uidYour customer's internal unique ID
first_nameYour customer's first name
last_nameYour customer's last name
mbsy_streetYour customer's address
mbsy_cityYour customer's city
mbsy_stateYour customer's state
mbsy_zipYour customer's zip code
mbsy_countryYour customer's country
mbsy_phoneYour customer's phone
mbsy_paypal_emailYour customer's PayPal email address
mbsy_companyYour customer's Company name
mbsy_statusYour customer's status if you have opted to use the ambassador/get method (mbsy_api_method = "ambassador/get"). Valid values are enrolled, prospect, banned and unsubscribed.
mbsy_custom1Custom field - related to ambassador
mbsy_custom2Custom field - related to ambassador
mbsy_custom3Custom field - related to ambassador
mbsy_email_new_ambassadorEmail login credentials to new ambassadors1 - yes
0 - no
mbsy_deactivate_new_ambassadorNew ambassadors created are deactivated1 - yes
0 - no
mbsy_auto_createIf the customer is not an ambassador, create them1 - yes
0 - no
mbsy_return_ambassadorReturn new ambassador's memorable share link"GET"
mbsy_add_to_group_idDefine which group(s) new ambassadors will be created in. Using this parameter will override default group settings. Group IDs should be separated by commas. If mbsy_add_to_group_id=-1, then ambassador will not be added to any group
mbsy_api_methodAPI method to call. When "ambassador/get" method is used, following parameters are ignored: mbsy_campaign_uid, revenue, mbsy_transaction_uidevent/record
mbsy_forward_urlpage to forward to
mbsy_form_methodmethod to use when sending data to the forward urlget
mbsy_sandboxCreate customer in sandbox1 - yes
0 - no
<form action="" method="POST">

    <input type="hidden" name="mbsy_username" value="[[app:username]]">
    <input type="hidden" name="mbsy_campaign_uid" value="0000">
    <input type="hidden" name="revenue" value="0">
    <input type="hidden" name="mbsy_email_new_ambassador" value="1">
    <input type="hidden" name="mbsy_forward_url" value="">
    <input type="hidden" name="mbsy_api_method" value="event/record">

    <label for="first_name">First Name</label>
    <input  id="first_name" maxlength="40" name="first_name" size="20" type="text" />
    <label for="last_name">Last Name</label>
    <input  id="last_name" maxlength="80" name="last_name" size="20" type="text" />
    <label for="email">Email</label>
    <input  id="email" maxlength="80" name="email" size="20" type="text" />
    <label for="phone">Phone</label>
    <input  id="phone" maxlength="40" name="mbsy_phone" size="20" type="text" />
    <label for="company">Company</label>
    <input  id="company" maxlength="40" name="mbsy_company" size="20" type="text" />

    <input type="submit" name="submit">


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