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Integration: Embeddable Image Snippet

Paste this image snippet on the "success" page of the event you are tracking.

The example code is pre-filled with campaign information for you, but you will need to alter the "mbsy_email" to correlate with your new customer.

Multiple campaign events can be triggered by specifying multiple campaigns separated by commas in the "mbsy_campaign_uid" variable. The events will occur in the order provided.

Don't paste more than one image snippet on your page.

See the table below the code for additional data you can pass us.


Required Fields:

  • mbsy_username
  • mbsy_campaign_uid
  • mbsy_email
mbsy_usernameYour company's username
mbsy_campaign_uidYour campaign's ID(s)
mbsy_emailYour customer's email address
mbsy_short_codeReferrer's "mbsy" shortcode
mbsy_revenueRevenue amount of the event
mbsy_transaction_uidUnique transaction ID for the event
mbsy_uidYour customer's internal unique ID
mbsy_first_nameYour customer's first name
mbsy_last_nameYour customer's last name
mbsy_email_new_ambassadorEmail login credentials to new ambassadors1 - yes
0 - no
mbsy_deactivate_new_ambassadorNew ambassadors created are deactivated1 - yes
0 - no
mbsy_auto_createIf the customer is not an ambassador, create them1 - yes
0 - no
0 (1 if you signed up before Nov 5 2013)
mbsy_add_to_group_idDefine which group(s) new ambassadors will be created in. Using this parameter will override default group settings. Group IDs should be separated by commas. If mbsy_add_to_group_id=-1, then ambassador will not be added to any group
mbsy_event_data1Custom field - related to event/commission
mbsy_event_data2Custom field - related to event/commission
mbsy_event_data3Custom field - related to event/commission
mbsy_is_approvedCommission status1 - approved
0 - pending
campaign setting
<img src="[[app:username]]&mbsy_campaign_uid=000&[email protected]&mbsy_revenue=0.00" style="border: none; display: none" alt="" />

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