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API-based Integration and Recommendations

Below is a typical flow of how to set up a custom incentive program on your website using our API.

  1. Sign up for Ambassador to gain access to the API.
  2. Create a campaign with your custom reward settings.
  3. Create a "rewards program" or similar page on your site.
  4. When a user accesses the page, call our ambassador/get API method.
  5. Use the results from the API call to display your customer's unique sharing links.
  6. Call our event/record API method when an event happens for your configured campaign.
  7. Use the results from the API call to reward the referring customer via a method of your choosing, or manage commissions and payouts through our platform.
  8. Get the ball rolling by telling your customers about your new referral program.

Implementation notes:

  • For API-based integrations: On each campaign landing page to your website, check for the "mbsy" GET variable and store it in your visitor's session. You'll need it later if they complete a campaign event.