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Share Links

Each ambassador created will have share links automatically generated for them using shortcodes. Ambassadors will have a unique share link for each of your company's campaigns which they have access to (this can be limited through the use of private campaigns and groups). Each share link will redirect to their respective landing page, as designated by your campaign's settings.

Our share links behave in the following manner:

  • SEO-friendly 301 redirects to your landing page
  • Redirects with the mbsy query string variable (the referrer's shortcode)
  • Redirects with the campaignid query string variable (the share link's associated campaign ID)
  • Redirects with the discount_value query string variable (if the respective campaign has a discount code configured)
  • Share codes have a maximum character length of 32.
  • Tracks click data to be displayed in your company's dashboard
  • Production links use the following URL schema:
  • Test links use the following URL schema:
  • Force an alternate redirect using the url query string variable with an encoded URL e.g.
  • Here's a link from one of our own ambassadors so you can observe a normal redirect:

Each ambassador also has a memorable share link (provided they have access to at least 1 campaign). Memorable share links use usernames to provide an easy-to-remember share link. In the event that an ambassador has not yet chosen a username, an ID will work as an alternative.

Memorable share links use the following schema:

For example, Jeff Smith has the username "jeff". If he did not have a username set, you could see his ID number (44) in the URL of his profile, accessible from the company's list of ambassadors. His memorable share link can be accessed via:

Memorable share links will track click data for and redirect to the longest-running campaign with the farthest end date for which the ambassador has access.

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Share Links

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